What does a lead mean in the world of digital marketing?

Although they are closely related, inbound marketing and lead generation are not the same thing. Lead generation is one part of a larger inbound marketing strategy. It helps bring more interested people to your company, while inbound marketing works to nurture those leads, convert them into paying customers, and keep them coming back for more. In other words, these two practices work together for a holistic, sustainable approach to digital marketing. After all, marketing generates interest in products and services. Without leads, your marketers have nobody to market to, and your sales teams have no buyers. And yet, 68% of B2B companies are struggling with lead generation, and only 13% of businesses describe their lead generation strategies as successful. Lead generation used to involve purchasing lists of names and having your sales teams cold call people at home. Thanks to technology, we can now generate leads based on specific criteria and information. Companies collect information